Solar-Cam NW

After 15 years of championing our patented low power still-image camera technology, Moreton Bay Systems is pleased to announce the release of its first solar powered video based network camera.
The Solar-Cam NW is a 4MPixel video camera with a unique combination of 4G/WiFi technologies and innovative Solar-Smart charging technology for our new high power Li-Ion batteries. The camera is compact, light and only requires a medium size solar panel making it ideal for semi-portable applications.
The new video camera has many of the great features from the previous generation such as wireless motion detectors to trigger the camera sending Hi-Res still images to the Dashboard as well as a white LED spotlight for night vision. Once the still images have alerted the owner, the live video can be viewed on a smart phone, tablet or PC and also up to one month of video history is recorded in the camera for review at any time. The video can also be stored on a phone or tablet for evidence. The conventional inbuilt Infrared spotlight is also available for night vision if required.
The networking capability enables many cameras to communicate via WiFi to the host camera which relays the video and still images via 4G. This means only one SIM card is required per site.
The Solar-Cam NW is Australian designed and manufactured and is purpose built for solar powered operation.
The WTW Dashboard can also be used for back to base monitoring as the format allows hundreds of cameras to be viewed live on the one screen. When a camera has been triggered by a WPIR, an alert image is sent to the Dashboard as well as an SMS to specific phones. The Alert image on the Dashboard flashes red as well as an audible alert to notify the monitoring personnel who can then view the video footage.
The wireless motion detectors and  integrated 30W spotlight are a great deterrent for intruders of a night time!
Installation is very simple – the camera and solar panel are secured by 4 screws each to a square pole with the solar panel facing north. Open the camera and connect the battery then turn on the power switch – Done!
The camera is pre-configured, however any setting changes can be made remotely.

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Digilant® is a globally recognised leading brand of battery powered video surveillance solutions, utilising its international patented ultra low power video processing technology.

Digilant offers a wide range of surveillance cameras to suit many applications including domestic and commercial security, covert, and battery operated outdoor surveillance.

Building upon a core team of experienced engineers with significant expertise in software and hardware development, our mission is to design and develop quality, state of the art technology solutions for the surveillance camera market.

Solar-Cam Autonimo 

The Solar-Cam Autonimo is a small but rugged still-image Surveillance Camera for harsh environments in remote or unattended locations. The tiny autonomous camera is solar powered making it completely independent of external power. The solar-smart charging system ensures that the battery has always enough charge and will control the camera, modem and solar charging to ensure the battery never goes flat. The images are sent via a 3G modem to a PC, mobile phone, or web based monitoring ‘Dashboard’. The camera has a rugged IP67 housing and has a range of telephoto lenses and an optional white LED spotlight for colour night vision. An optional wireless motion detector can activate the camera from up to 40m away or an internal PIR can be ordered The camera can also operate in ‘time-lapse’ mode for applications such as Construction, Traffic and Water monitoring etc. All images are also stored on an internal SD card as a backup.


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