Digilant - Products Mini Xtern

The Mini Xtern Cam is a small discreet outdoor digital surveillance camera for monitoring all outdoor activity at close range.

The high sensitivity camera captures high-resolution colour images when motion is detected. The images are stored on a removable memory card for easy viewing on a computer or tablet. The camera can also be configured to capture images on a time-lapse basis.

The camera can store up to 135K images and will optionally overwrite the oldest images when the memory card is full for 'set and forget' operation.

The Mini Xtern Cam is housed in a rugged weatherproof case for optimum protection and can be spray painted any colour to blend in with the surroundings.

The camera can operate for around 5 months in standby mode! Utilising its patented ultra low power video processing technology, the camera can operate for more than 15 weeks when capturing 200 photos per day, every day of the week.

This camera is ideal for monitoring entrance ways, farm gates, parking garages and graffiti etc.

  • High sensitivity image sensor for low light operation
  • Standalone operation from 7.5Ah battery with 5 months standby
  • Small palm sized camera for unobtrusive surveillance
  • Rugged weatherproof case
  • Set and forget operation
  • High quality glass camera lens
  • Customised image-capture sequence and Pre-Trigger image capture
  • Motion activated or Time-lapse camera modes
  • Time and date stamped images with programmable text overlay
  • Flexible scheduler for independent arming and disarming
  • Time and date stamped event log
  • Image encryption for security
  • High speed image viewer included with setup software
  • Digital signature including camera ID, within each image for legal verification
  • Ideal for monitoring parking garages, personnel entrances and farm gates